Offer your patients a different pharmacy solution.

Offer your patients a different pharmacy solution.

We partner with prescribers as their trusted resource for simplifying the prescription process, increasing medication access, and improving prescription adherence for their patients.  

No Communication With Pharmacies

It’s Expensive

It’s Dangerous

Let’s be honest. In the current model, there’s so much wasted time and a lack of proper care for patients. No communication with pharmacies results in voicemails, escribing, faxing, and outrageous wait times. High prescription prices make it difficult for patients to receive the meds they need and lack of pharmacist oversight results in over-prescribing and heightened chances of adverse drug effects.

Dedicated Local

Lowest Price

Synchronize All Patients
To Same Set Schedule

With our membership model, patients are paired with a local pharmacist dedicated to providing them with the best care possible and are guaranteed the lowest price for their prescriptions through copays, cash pays, and assistance programs. Here’s the secret: all patients are synchronized to the same set schedule, increasing adherence and resulting in less time wasted for everyone involved.

Meet Your

Refer Your

Send Prescriptions to
Good Shepherd Health

The process is simple. You meet with your dedicated pharmacist to identify the patients most likely to benefit from our model. You refer those patients to the pharmacist for a consultation. Once enrolled,  each patient’s chronic  prescriptions are e-scribed to Good Shepherd Health for synchronization.  

Direct Primary
Care Providers

Providers and Clinics


Our pharmacy membership model is ideal for direct primary care providers, Safety-Net Clinics, and Family Physician Groups in low resource communities. We specialize in increasing medication access for patients who take multiple prescriptions for chronic disease, and who are often underinsured.  

Interested in learning more about partnering with Good Shepherd Health to begin simplifying the prescription process for you and your patients? We can help!